Should I have my HVAC serviced before summer?

HVAC service calls come in one of two forms: a homeowner is being proactive and preparing for the changing season or the season has changed and the homeowner tried to switch on their unit only to find that it is not working. McElroy’s is proud to provide exceptional service in either situation. In addition to helping you avoid the discomfort of not having a functioning A/C, we want to help you prevent any surprises that may lead to expensive repairs. Your HVAC unit is no different than your car, it requires routine maintenance to prolong the life and efficiency. A small investment in preventive maintenance can mean big savings down the road, and a comfortable summer protected from the Kansas heat.

Here are some things you can do to keep your HVAC operating smoothly between professional maintenance check-ups.

Change the filter!
This is the most important component of keeping a well-maintained system, and also the item we see result in the most service calls. As your unit brings air through the intake, it also brings with it dust and debris which can clog the system and create other issues. Change your filter once a month.

Visually inspect your system.
A deep inspection should always be left to our team of expert technicians. But a visual inspection from the homeowner can predict and prevent future problems with your HVAC. Look for anything that may be out of place (is the filter in for example!). Condensation on the outside of the machine or pooling water may indicate an issue. You should also inspect the exterior unit to make sure the condenser coils are not bent and that the fan is turning freely.

Check the condensation drain.
One of the most common calls we get is water on the floor from the HVAC unit. Typically this is a result of a clogged condensation drain. As the freon moves through your system, the humidity in the air condensates on the evaporator coils, just like a glass of ice tea on a summer day. Your unit has a drain pipe to move water away from the unit and it is possible for that drain to become clogged with algae. To prevent this, remove the drain cap and pour a cup of bleach or vinegar through the drain once a year. You can also clean out the drain pipe with a wet/dry shop vac.

Clean the exterior unit
Exterior condenser coils get clogged with grass clippings or cottonwood seed. You can wash the outdoor coils using a garden hose. Before washing, find the electrical box and turn power to the system off. Using your garden hose, angle the nozzle down to push dirt and debris down the face of the unit. Do not use a pressure washer as you may run the risk of bending the coils.

Your exterior unit should have 18 clear inches of air flow. Be sure to maintain the grass and plants around it.

When should I have a professional maintenance my HVAC?

The easy answer is NOW! It is never too early or too late to have the system serviced. Whether you are preparing for the change in seasons or whether the summer heat snuck up on you, having your HVAC system professionally maintained will prolong the life and the efficiency of your system, saving you money and sweat.

We recommend having your HVAC looked at twice a year, once during the summer months and once during the winter months. Maintenance on your heating and cooling system is just like going to the dentist. You may not have a problem, but having that checkup just to be sure is important. From now on, when you schedule your six month appointment with your dentist, go ahead and give us a call to schedule maintenance for your heating and cooling.

Be sure to ask about our Peak Performance Maintenance Plan. You can put our more than 65 years of knowledge to work for you.

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